Inheritors of Broken Sky
By Shubhash C Narula

Damyanti Woman of Substance
By Shubhash C Narula

A 20-Somthing Cool Dude
By Divyasha

Breeze in the Old Building & Other Stories
By Bina Biswas

Blood Rain
By Prathap Kamath

The Abode of King
by Sayantan Gupta

A Man Outside History
Poems of Naseer Ahmad Nasir tr. by Bina Biswas

Igniting Key
By Parmila Khadun, Koshy A.V., Bina Biswas

Deer Meat Tastes Bitter
By Pipi.P.Mesa

Echoes From the Vortex
By Monika Pant

Tagore`s Heroines
Assessing The Portraits of Gender Orientation
By Bina Biswas

Tale of the Missing Shoe & Other Stories
By Bina Biswas

Wake Up, India!
Essays for Our Times
By Dr.Koshy A.V. & Dr.Bina Biswas

The President Vanishes & Other Stories
By Jagdish Keshav

Laughing Deffodils
By Tumpa Chatterjee

By Sayantan Gupta

Poems on Life
By Sayantan Gupta

Poems on Love
By Sayantan Gupta

Games Girls Play
By Nidhi Singh

In Pain You Are Mine
by Sayantan Gupta

Half a Life
By Bina Biswas

The Rise of the Setting Sun
By Suvasish Mukhopadhyay

Down Under
Story of Karma
By Vaishali Hamlai

Dattani`s Plays
Staging the Invisibles
Edited By Dr.Bina Biswas Dr.Koshy A.V.

The Warriors of Darkness
By Monica Kaushik

Refreshing Writes
By Tribhawan Kaur

The Proof Diaries
By Nidhi Singh

A Tribute to Mediocrity
By Nidhi Singh

Saga of a Child Soldier
By Col. D.P.Khanna(Retd.)

Tale of the Syamantak Jewel & Other Stories
By Subash C Narula

From Where I See
By Ajay Yadav

The Time Merchants & other strange Tales
By Vasudev Murthy

The Unclaimed Luggage & Other Stories
By Sayantan Gupta

The Flames Burnt Dark
The Tale of the Aryasura
By Sayantan Gupta

The Symbol
By Varun Gautam

The Karna Pages
By Sayantan Gupta

Bombcase Baxi & Cleo
Detectives Extriaordinaire
By Bina Biswas & Sayantan Gupta

Shifting Clouds
By Ashoke Mitra

Rainbows in the Desert & Other Stories
By Archna Pant

Make Up & Break Up
By Nihar Pradhan

Life, Odds & Ends
By Anvita Bajpai

Story of Tublu
By Jahid Akhtar

Beckett`s English Poetry
Transcending the Roots of Resistance in Language
By AV Koshy

The Art of Poetry
By Dr.A.V.Koshy

A Treatise on Poetry
By Dr.A.V.Koshy

Soul Resuscitation
By Angel Meredith & Dr.A.V.Koshy

2 Phases:50 Poems
By Dr.A.V.Koshy & Gorakhnath Gangane

Eye of the Needle
A Biography of Mohan Lal Kapur

Halud Phuler Bone
By Sayantan Gupta

Naamheen Gotraheen
By Sayantan Gupta

Aaye Nashto Hoye Jayee
By Sayantan Gupta

By Sayantan Gupta

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