Dattani’s Plays – Staging the Invisibles


This anthology of essays on India's arguably most significant Indian English playwright Mahesh Dattani and his work contains eclectic musings by personalities who are not in the literary academic field in a new and welcome twist like Dr. Sayantan Gupta and Archna Pant, by those in the theatre field talking of dramaturgy and by recognized and young literary scholars from India and abroad like Dr. Niladri Chatterjee who is a Fulbright, Nandini Bhautoo from Mauritius and Rukhaya MK from Kerala. The essays cover not only most of Mahesh's plays and topics like feminism by Dr. Suja Menon but also his radio plays and use of language by people like Dr. Bina Biswas and Dr. Prathap Kamath. Thematically it is a stirring concoction and a deep potpourri that will make riveting reading for all who love drama, literature and hope to understand, read, enjoy, watch and do research on Dattani's plays formally or informally. The themes in the book cover post colonialism and the religious divide in India and other relevant issues including Mahesh Dattani's handling of variant sexualities, all derived from his many plays. It is a good book for all research libraries, universities and English departments therefore and liberal modernists to keep on their shelf.

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This anthology of essays on India’s arguably most significant Indian English playwright Mahesh Dattani


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