Anisur Rahman, formerly a Professor of English at Jamia Millia Islamia, a Central University in New Delhi, is currently Senior Advisor at Rekhta Foundation <>, the world’s largest website on Urdu language, literature, and culture. He has worked and published in the areas of Comparative, Translation, and Postcolonial Studies with reference to India, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand,as also the new literary cultures of South Asia. He has to his credit three books authored by him, four edited/co-edited volumes, a collection of modern Urdu poetry in English translation and a large number of English poems translated into Urdu. Hehas been a Shastri Fellow at the University of Alberta, Canada (2001-2002) and a Visiting Scholar at Purdue University, USA (2007)

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Earthenware is a playhouse of intersecting images. It celebrates a life lived in pure passion and strikes a queer relationship between natural and supernatural elements.It also adores a life lived in the illusion of reality. Amidst all the magic of living and survival, there are some poems that mythicize life’s lapses and longings. The collection brings together the dramatis personae of odd and even kinds—now as illusion, now as image, now as reality. Factual or fabled, the poems are minimalist in form, style, and verbal expression; they are deceptively literal and seemingly shorn of the complexities of modernist style. Instead of being sixty in number, the sixty poems are indeed one as they enter each other and develop a close kinship in an eerie manner.


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