In Pain You Are Mine


This is the story of the making of a doctor, depicting the stress, the strain, the strife, the solace, the fun, the joy, the sacrifice and bonds of friendship, as our protagonist moves on through the vaulted halls of academia into the wide world. And of course, there is love….yes sir, never ending love..
Noted editor and critic, Arvind Menon states, “…As I navigated through the pages, I was struck by the sheer simplicity and warmth exuded by a beautifully crafted narrative, containing a heady cocktail of passion and emotion, humour and pathos, and most gratifying of all, a saga of undying friendships…. The subtle humour, more evident in the style of narrative, is almost Wodehouseian, and contributes immensely to its readability quotient. The handling of the romantic element, with its share of lighter moments and tragic interludes, is sure to bring a tear to the eye and a lump in the throat of even the most hardy of readers.”

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