Of a Man and the Mountains


Of a Man and the Mountain: Collected Short Stories is Madhumita Ghosh’s debut collection of forty-three short stories covers a wide trajectory in terms of content and style. While some of the short stories are romantic and sensitive, the others deal with some of the stark realities of life in the city. Interestingly, a number of stories deal with supernatural sensations, thrills and chills, that may attract the curiosity of the readers. The racy, immensely readable stories, with their crisp and compact narrative style, sometimes linear, sometimes non-linear and experimental, the concise use of dialogue and the profound ruminations, all contribute to the success of the stories which are reader-friendly, sensitive and cerebral. Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta, Professor, Dept. of English, Calcutta University

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Dr Madhumita Ghosh, a Jadavpur University alumna, has taught English Literature for many years. Apart from a substantial body of published critical essays, she has authored four poetry books and an academic book on the British poet William Blake. Of a Man and the Mountain: Collected Short Stories is her first book of fiction; several of the short stories in this collection have been published in The Statesman, Calcutta edition and in e-magazines.


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