Poems on Mythology


Sayantan Gupta’s Poems on Mythology completes a triad of his poetry collections, the earlier ones being ‘Poems on Love’ and ‘Poems on Life’.

This book, as is apparent from its name, is exclusively comprised of poems based on Mythology. They are taken basically from Greek Mythology and our very own Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are two, what can be called, epiclets, one on the tale of Eros and Psyche, from Greek Mythology and the other on Kunti, from Mahabharata.

Through a great and lucid style of poetic narration, every poem in this collection is eminently readable.

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Dr. Sayantan Gupta, is a Gynaecologist in Malda, West Bengal.

Writing is his passion. Till date, his publications include collection of poems, Where the Rainbow Ends, Sayantan Gupta’s Poems on Love and Sayantan Gupta’s Poems on Life, a short story collection, The Unclaimed Luggage and Other Stories, novels, The Abode of Kings and The Flames Burnt Dark – The Tale of the Aryasura and a collection of detective stories Bombcase Baxi and Cleo – Detectives Extraordinaire (Co-author). His novels, The Physician – Legacy of the Healer God and The Karna Pages, a translation of Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s epic, Meghnad Vadh Kavya (An Epic on the Slaying of Meghnaad – co-translator) and a translation of Masoom Reza Khan’s Bangla play, Araj Charitramala, (co-translator) will be published soon.


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