The Bastard & Other stories


The author is a retired Indian Navy officer who put in nearly thirty-seven years of active service. Having been commissioned in the Indian Navy on 01 Jul 1975, he retired in the rank of Commodore on 28 Feb 2010. On retirement,in order to give expression to his creativity, he started a blog: with subjects ranging from humour to nostalgia about the navy, stories and poems, music and cinema. In his own words: “This blog offers me to air another way of looking at things. The idea is not just to entertain but also to bring about a change.” He divides his time between Mumbai and Kandaghat in Shimla Hills. Some of his other creative activities are directing and acting in plays, and public-speaking on subjects ranging from maritime
to leadership and humour. He can be reached on

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These short stories offer a blend of intrigue and deep themes that provokesome soul-searching. Set against a backdrop of major Indian politicalevents, a few stories have the protagonist grappling with moral dilemmas and fighting social injustice, whereas other stories contain different perspectives on love and commitment. The writer draws on his vast experience in the Indian Navy in a humourous futuristic story and also to sketchcharacters who are in the Armed Forces. In one suspenseful story you embarkon a thrilling journey where you constantly wonder how the destination will be reached. Unpredictable twists and turns will keep you riveted.


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