The Nomadic Trail


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The Nomadic Trail is a collection of seventy poems that capture the personal negotiations of the author with her surroundings. The personal however is not a retreat into an exclusive world of exilic withdrawal: it is an opening up to domains of art, myth and contemporary global situations that call for social and political
engagements. Many poems in this volume also reflect the miraculous other life of things apparently insignificant and mundane like some cloves of garlic, pineapples or an abandoned chair. The images weld the inner and the outer lives of a variety of subjects such as seeing, reading, travelling, home, loss, silence, arrivals,departures and memory among others. This collection, with its wide range of subjects and styles, is striking in its cosmopolitan homeliness and/or homely cosmopolitanism.
The concluding essay ‘Along the Nomadic Trail’ is a speculation on the extra-poetic presences that haunt reading.


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