The Self and Indian Women’s Autobiography


This book is a comparative study of women’s autobiographies and self- narratives, which is significant
from the feminist perspective and also from the socio-cultural point of view.Its purpose is to identify the
major literary, social, political, personal and psychological concerns in female autobiographies in order
to discover the nature of the contribution of women to this literary genre, and to analyse these women.
The book studies the autobiographies of eight women from the point of view of their socio-cultural
milieu. These are: India Calling (2001) by Cornelia Sorabji; Ranade: His Wife's Reminiscences (1969) by
RamabaiRanade; Princess: The Autobiography of the Dowager Maharani of Gwalior (1985) by
VijayarajeScindia; A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur (1995) by Gayatri Devi;
My Story (1988) by Kamala Das; The Revenue Stamp (1977) by Amrita Pritam; Karukku(2012) by Bama
and A Life Less Ordinary (2006) by Baby Halder.

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Shalini Thakur hails from the Queen of theHills, Shimla. Presently, she is working as Senior
Lecturer, Applied Sciences & Humanities at Govt. Polytechnic for Women, Kandaghat, Solan.


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