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Kaushik Chattopadhyay

Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Ph.D, teaches at the Department of Sociology as an Assistant Professor in Prof. S.N.H. College, affiliated to the University of Kalyani. Previously as a lecturer, he taught in Kalyani Mahavidyalaya and S.K. Acharya Institute of Law. In his 20 years of teaching life, he has published a number of articles on the issues of development studies and sociology of globalization in different reputed, peer reviewed journals and edited volumes. Poverty, inequality, class culture, caste, tribe, ethnicity, marginality, education, environment, global and local issues of critical reforms and revolutions are taking focus in his sociological enquiries. Writings on Global Malady in the Third World—A Reflection makes his first co-authored volume in 2002. He is the author of the volumes: Human Resource Development—Problems and Prospects (Bengali version, 2007), The Annals of Sociology (In Bengali: Samajtotter Itibritto, 2013), The Sociology of Family Life (2014), and Introductory Sociology: Theoretical Prespectives (In Bengali: Praromvik Samajtotto: Tattwik Dristivongi, 2020).