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Partha Banerjee

Dr. Partha Banerjee grew up in Kolkata, and then left for USA to pursue higher studies. He's been living in New York for twenty years -- first as a journalist-turned human rights activist, and then as a full-time writer and political educator. An ardent student of Noam Chomsky, Banerjee has excelled in articulating his thoughts on social, economic and cultural subjects, with a special emphasis on the Indian subcontinent. His numerous articles and discussions emphasize on the erosion of language, history and values, and he calls it a mission to educate both his American-European audience and new-generation Indian students and youth about the richness of Bengali literature. He believes re-introducing those values is an effective struggle against the onslaught of religious fanaticism, sexism, racism and bigotry, fascism, and unscientific, prehistoric indoctrination.