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Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhya

Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is a faculty of Civil Engineering in College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). He has more than twenty-four years of teaching experience. He handled many subjects at UG and PG level; he published many papers in various national and international conferences and national journals. Writing and love for English literature are his hobbies from which he couldn’t separate himself. He authored many books on students’ counseling and Art of Living. Few of the books which can be named are My Students My Love, The Happiness Code, An Eternal Quest for Peace, How to Study and Succeed, Motivating School kids, Tsunami the Biggest Bane and Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. Understanding the students’ Psychology and human psychology are his inherent qualities which helped this technical person to author books on self-help genre and motivation.