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Temple Classroom

A beggar girl struggling her way out in this big, bad world helplessly hoping for a benevolent hand, a housewife for whom
marriage has lost its meaning long back and she is only carrying the habit of it now, a young girl who wishes to bring quality
education to her illiterate village folks, an orphan who roots for her true identity in the child she is yet to birth, a village
tea seller who wishes to become a famous actor in Bombay.‘Temple Classroom & Other Stories’ is a collection of various
facets that form our lives and the lives around us. These are the stories that were written over a period of 2 years in buses, trains & metros…on laptop, mobile & computer. Some of these tales were written from the myriads of experiences that life threw at the author and some are figments of her imagination, borne out of its various impressions.


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Eons before the birth of the Roman Empire, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very power of the planet itself. As the great science of their time was brought to bear on the invading hordes, hell was set loose on Earth. And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal storm of fire and water…

Now history threatens to repeat itself. The great weapon of the Ancients has been discovered in the South Pacific, and it is being deciphered by men of hatred who want to unleash hell on Earth once again. This time, it’s up to the Major Jack Collins and the Event Group―comprised of the nation’s most brilliant minds in the fields of science, philosophy, and the military to find the truth behind the world’s greatest unsolved myths―to end the cycle of destruction. Meanwhile, the seas rise, the earth cracks, and entire cities crumble to dust as the evil plan mapped out thousands of years before begins to take shape…

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Puja Roy


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Editorial Review

From Publishers Weekly

In Golemon's so-so third Event Group thriller (after 2007's Legend), the shadowy U.S. government organization specializing in paranormal assignments, led by military maverick Col. Jack Collins, must stop the descendants of 2,000 children who survived the sinking of Atlantis 11,000 years earlier from seizing a key that will enable them to manipulate the tectonic plates of the earth's crust. After Collins's team finds a map of the lost continent during a raid on a mansion in Katonah, N.Y., the Atlanteans retaliate by slaughtering the FBI agent working with Collins as well as Event Group members manning the storage facility where the raid's spoils were being studied. The formulaic fight scenes, betrayals and 11th-hour rescues are on a par with the implausible premise. Even the dramatic conclusion will leave many readers unaffected.(Aug.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Booklist

Golemon’s third novel in the Event Group series proves to be his best yet. The Event Group is a secret military organization that specializes in the retrieval and study of ancient technology. The premise this time is elaborate: more than 10,000 years ago, the citizens of Atlantis developed a weapon so powerful that it destroyed their civilization and led to the story of Noah’s flood. The device they used is now in the hands of a society that traces their lineage back to the dynasty of Caesar. Colonel Jack Collins and his team must stop the group from using the superweapon and unleashing massive devastation. The resulting tale is a mix of the James Rollins action-heavy adventure, the military gadgetry of Tom Clancy, the pacing of the television series 24, and the conspiracy theories devoured by fans of the radio show Coast to Coast AM. For no-frills adventure fans with a taste for over-the-top plots. --Jeff Ayers --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.